Living wallpaper ideas – Return of the wallpaper


Living wallpaper ideas – The resurgence of wallpaper

Is it time for a “change of scenery”? Have you slowly enough from your old living room and want to completely change your living space?

The wallpaper is resurrected. Long live wallpaper!

Tepeten-Ideen-Wohnzimmer-Muster-grau-schwunghaft-fototapete 2

Yes. The wallpaper has returned and is reflected in the full splendor of modern times.

A licorice pattern for bold and expressive personalities


Here we present some of the living room wallpaper ideas that will impress you greatly with security. If even one color space is set as an accent, changed the character of the whole area.

Graphic patterns in olive green blank nondescript areas to be a hit of the apartment are

Tepeten-Ideen-Wohnzimmer-Muster-ecke-betont 4

Striped designs often act simultaneously sporty and elegant

Tepeten-Ideen-Wohnzimmer-Muster-extravagant-schwunghaft- 6