Lovely Christmas Corners

With the variety of items Christmas that offers today’s market you can create unique compositions and different each year for decorating Christmas with charming corners and focal points in every room of the home.Finishes and textures that bring a rustic look to an atmosphere , candles to create suggestive atmospheres, colors warm, in addition to the classic figures that identify the Christmas celebration, accessories are options that allow multiple combinations.

christmas corner

The candles with designs and colors bring new forms of aesthetics of inside , and when lit incorporate attractive effects, and are ideal for printing a cozy effect. Gather several candles, with glass ornaments, will be bright and elegant arrangement.

Advent wreaths, pine branches, decorative balls, even a decorated dead branches can form extremely attractive compositions.
This year will surprise your guests using Feng Shui to decorate your home for Christmas face. It is a recognized Eastern philosophy that is based on the existence of a vital breath or chi, which is updated according to the shape and arrangement of space, the orientations of things and helps attract positive energies and harmonize your home. We help you!


An illuminated entry. The front door of the house is, according to Feng Shui, the “mouth of chi”, so it must be in good condition. Seize to lubricate hinges or paint and lay a wreath with pine branches and pine cones. Also keep in mind lighting to welcome the gods of Prosperity and Happiness. It is to be using the imagination with original ideas but with a purpose: to increase the positive energy in your home so endearing on dates such as holidays.

A round or oval table. According to experts a table of these features facilitates communication and family bonding among relatives who are estranged or no longer speak. If your table is square or rectangular, you can solve the problem of family togetherness silver powders spreading prosperity in the corners, the Christmas tree, crown and gifts. This also will promote prosperity come home and stay in it. To decorate the table placed candles on the Advent wreath and a center of fresh fruit on the table.

christmas decoration

We recommend that you put apples with cinnamon to attract the energies, a watermelon for work and pomegranate and lentils for good fortune. As for the food itself, whether you cook as if you order a catering keep in mind the harmony between yin (cooling foods and sweets) and yang (salty foods).