Make garden that invites relaxation

If you ask several people the features of a garden dream, surely many will tell you that is full of flowers open very strong colors like purples, oranges and reds. However, if you want to get a space in which to find calm, I recommend you build it from the colors a little colder.I recommend putting colorful flowers more soothing to the environment such as blues, pinks and yellows to clear.

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A good option to get this soothing appearance is choosing prairie plants, that may be a bit difficult to grow successfully, but once you get it, these will last through the seasons. If what you have in your home is a space longer than wide, I recommend you split it into two, leaving a small trail so you can spend, and each of its sides planting flowers and plants that you get different shades like pinks, the silver, blues, purples and yellows. This gives you the opportunity to walk through a place that gives you all the calm you do not get in your daily life.There are places in our garden that would be perfect for a relaxing space, but have aspects we do not like much.

For example, if you have a fence that you want to hide, what you can do is plant a lot of plants and flowers in cool colors to help hide it, and even if it does as a whole, these soothing colors will make both you and your Visitors take a closer look at them in the near upset. We can create a climate in our garden where take a break and experience pleasant sensations in nature. Our green space will become a treat for the senses and a few simple guidelines can make our home a place to relax and enjoy a summer of pleasure together with our relatives.

Aroma, magic and light
The first thing we need to do when designing this garden for relaxation is to create a welcoming space, what we will achieve with a porch, awning or umbrella to give us privacy. We can cover this small shelter with tree species like vines, that will create a shaded area that will encourage the rest. For a touch refreshing, resort to the techniques of water gardens, installing a fountain in a pond or fountain which adds a touch stimulant buzz. If you have a pool, the feeling of freshness will be complete. The color harmony is very important to create a perfect climate, and for this you need to play with the contrasting colors of the flowers and plants. It is advisable to opt for pastel shades like lilac, pink and blue, but also a good idea to pick a single color combined with its variants. The harmony of the foliage is also very important, and if we have a large surface area, have shaped the maze hedges create an oriental feel. To do this, holly and beech are very suitable species, and that support easy pruning.

Peace and rest
Place extras like candles, chairs, lamps or nest boxes made by ourselves our green space will make a very peculiar invite peace and rest. If you also have any hobbies like painting, reading or music, we can incorporate into our garden a small space to enjoy it, like music, books or a table with an easel in a quiet place to let our imagination surrounded by pure nature. Place small candles on a table or spread on a path will create an atmosphere of mystery. A very suitable option is to have small stones on the ground creating a gravel ideal for short walks.

Extending it with a rake will look great in the garden. If we have cultivated fruits, we can install a small pantry for some containers need only medium where we will place fruits or vegetables we have obtained in our garden. Other very special visual complaints are the pots, which created by ourselves with containers as vases personality endow our paradise. Nature wise Plants like honeysuckle, broom mauve or attract butterflies and bees, which will contribute to reducing pests and floral expansion in exchange for food that provide these species. Another can not miss relaxing in our corner is the queen of flowers, the rose. Located in full sun the flowers grow perfect and the smell will be irresistible. The special touch we give the aromatic addition to perfume our garden, decorate it with your colorful blooms such as rosemary or lavender. The final touch to complete the design of this peculiar space will achieve the above by adding some easy-care species, in addition to providing an exotic and tropical, present us with more free time, because it is some plants that require less than the usual care and thus reduce maintenance of the garden. It is Mediterranean species such as bougainvillea and chrysanthemum. Ferns are also very suitable.



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