Make most of space with Murphy beds

Is your home space absent? Do not worry! You’re not alone! In addition, there are a lot of options that make our life easier, for example, Murphy beds or hidden. In the early twentieth century the need to increase the space in a one bedroom apartment inspired William L. Murphy to undergo folding his bed against the wall and soon after launched her own company hiding beds. Today it is known as the “bed that disappears” because its unique design allows to fold and hide beside the bed and deploy when needed.

Murphy beds

Seize every corner
Of course, it is the perfect choice for small apartments where it is absolutely necessary leverage every corner. Designed to fit perfectly on the wall, seem cabinets when closed completely integrated into the decor. Thus, during the day the room where the bed is much wider and when you between sleep just have to lower the bed to sleep comfortably.

murphy bed

Horizontal or vertical Murphy beds
Murphy beds have traditional hinges on its head, so that rise along its length to fit on your frame, but there are also horizontal designs, ideal for rooms with low ceilings. So before you get one of these beds, the first thing you have to consider is the size of the wall in height and in width, if you want a double bed.

Designs varied
In addition, today’s designers have managed to use the Murphy bed concept in a lot of models that can be found, for example, full shelves in the center fold up bed or others that provide desks, extra storage space . Also finishing Murphy beds is varied: glass doors, laminated to match the decor, cabinet-style doors, open shelves …

murphy two beds