Making PVC shelves

Maximize the functionality of your living space or storage with a durable solution to the shelf. Create durable storage space for a cheap and affordable material that will never rot, warp or chip. With relative ease and minimal clutter, shelves can be created, installed and used. Furniture PVC pipe some decoration, simple can create a contemporary and minimalist look in any space. However, PVC pipe also can be painted and decorated if desired.


Things You’ll Need
8 segments of the leg of the PVC pipe (19 1/2 “long)
6-segment side rung of the PVC pipe (20? “Long)
6-segment corridor PVC pipe (44. “Long)
Four three-way connectors
4 connectors four-way
3 pieces of plywood (44 “x 20″)

Making PVC shelves

Create a rectangle shape placing two tubes parallel to another runner and two step parallel side pieces together. Connect the segments with three-way connector. Part three-way connector thirdly, should be up empty.
Insert leg segment upward in each front section three-way connector.
Set a four pin connector on each section of the leg. A section of empty connectors should be facing up. The others must be aligned with the bottom rectangle.
Create a form identical to the rectangle you created in step 1. This box must be mounted using the four-way connectors to create an intermediate shelf.
Insert a leg segment in each face up section four terminal connectors.
Set a three-way connector at the top of each section of the leg. Empty connector sections must be aligned with the lower boxes.
Create a rectangle shape identical to those created in step 1 and step 4. The box should be mounted using three-way connectors at the top to create a top shelf.
Remove the pieces of PVC pipe carefully so that they can be glued together. Shows a small amount of glue on the attachment and push the inner tube. This will avoid problems with excess glue being squeezed out.
Place a piece of plywood on the shelf sections rectangle.


Tips & Warnings
Dry mounting the first draft avoids unnecessary mistakes in construction. It is very difficult to make changes after pieces have been glued together.

When removing the project to stick together, use a marker to create a small line through each connection Connection / tube. When the pieces are being glued together, make sure that the line matches perfectly fitting with the pipe line. This will prevent errors.