Metal & Woods. An industrial vintage shop in Versailles

After working in large multinational companies, Delsaut Benjamin began working in a company related to the metallurgical sector. His numerous visits to old factories and industries awakened in him the curious objects disused industrial and entrepreneurial smell led him to quit his job and create what is today one of the largest and renowned stores in France dedicated to industrial furniture vintage and craft.

Quality Industries Vintage Shop Versailles

Its name already hints at the type of decoration that you’ll find in this old warehouse. Decorators and visitors from around the world flock to your store of 350 m2 at Versailles for objects and inspiring and full of furniture history.
Actually just looking at the pictures of the store, I drool …
reminds me much to my visit a few years ago at a flea market in Paris. There were shops for all tastes and budgets. It’s amazing the fans there to good vintage industry in our neighboring country. You find it everywhere.
I show some pictures that I found on the page also interesting French e-magdeco .

An industrial vintage shop in Versailles

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