Metallic shelves for the whole house

In a recent post I spoke of that industrial style and while we may be adapting to bear this in every corner of the house, has some elements that are very characteristic such as metal furniture, so now I want to speak namely, those shelves made ​​in this material and can also be found in different designs so that we serve to a living room, an office, bathroom or even a bedroom. In Espaciohogar, Metallic shelves for the whole house.


Imagine you have many books, and documents and also you look for a shelf-Liberia will not take up much space and allow us to store everything without problem. We can copy us or companies design shops and for that we can choose as, metal shelves with shelves made ​​of the same material or wood.
Get well very modern for the living room, and also this type of shelves we can gradually add levels as we see in the picture can get to the roof.

On the other hand, need not metal shelves are always metallic or made ​​them up. For the lounge and even a bedroom can opt for models like this, which hangs on the wall and that is also painted white . In fact the metal is a material for which paint will find all sorts of colors and thus be changing the decor without buying, in this case, new shelves.

Also we can choose metal shelves depending on the decoration we have or want. Furniture like this, with three shelves can be perfect for a living room or dining room is vintage style and also combine with other elements such as the chairs.

If you have a home office, or indeed a corner you will act as the office shelves can also opt for this style, but perhaps a good idea is to opt for those that are combined with other materials such as wood . In this picture we see a good example of how to take advantage of a rack of metal and wood so that even we can use as a small desk.

Other shelves can also go in the home office will be those who are lower, we can put against the wall and help us to save, for example, filing.For the bedroom we can choose metal shelves that allow us to save or store items such as shoes or clothing. This type of racks like you see in the picture above may be perfect in a bedroom decorated bedrooms industrial or small houses where we need to take every corner.On the other hand, I have to set you back and show you the option are metal shelves but also have another aspect or color.En this case has a slight color to metal or wooden , making it ideal for a bedroom is classic, something “vintage” or we want with elements with style.

We can always choose also the option to take advantage of any metal shelf we already have at home, or indeed we can find on the street and painted in a color that we like. Thus we can have a shelf that just takes up space and be able to post in any bedroom, and with varied styles, whether modern, something “retro” or even eclectic as we see in this picture.In the case of bathroom, metal shelves can give very good results, because they take up little space and can fill them with towels or items that are used in this area without fear of falling and we have everything tidy. We can even choose models metal shelves that are modern in design and color as these in shades of black.

We can even opt for models that are very original as these shelves in metal and plastic , ideal for a bathroom of a student apartment or even a bathroom modern or minimalist.What do you think of these shelves in a style ” vintage ” ? They have a simple design and also took advantage of the space to put them on the toilet.


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