Minimalism architecture from Chile for inside and outside

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A clear example of minimalism architecture from Chile

We were looking for an example of minimalism architecture representing this type in its purest form. We have also found it. Minimalism includes here all the details.Starting with the architecture, on the interior right down to the smallest details. The argument is also clear. It is because of a beautiful village with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Why should we be distracted by their splendor by unnecessary details?

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this house in Valparaíso, Chile!

The Basic Info

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The available floor space is 593 square meters. Then there is a complex with many apartments. The perspective that it includes also, the simple viewer will probably like a desert. But the very fact there is also the main idea. One would probably integrate the rest in their purest form in the everyday life.

That was the effect which has been requested by LAND Arquitectos. That’s what they achieved.

The complex is located on a hillside just off the Pacific coast. This constitutes a background that is gray, empty and endless. By the building also chooses an appropriate color scheme, it writes in perfectly in it.

The inner

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The interior is dominated mainly by the large picture windows. From there you have a wonderful view of the ocean. One can easily enjoy from morning to evening, the beauty of nature. One does not need accents and not particularly interesting eye-catcher in the room. This function takes the landscape itself, which is constantly changing its appearance from one to another magnificent piece. Even you would rather skip the cool details. They would distract from the views. Given all this splendor, this is simply too good!

The materials and colors

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In all rooms, there are mainly white and brown as the color. When it comes to decor, it may be driftwood. This is also explained by the desire for a more intense connection with nature. Here the following law seems to prevail: Nothing should interfere with the minimalist idyll.

Only in the closed spaces may come in color

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There are some areas, mainly the bed and breakfast where you will discover colorful accents. It is however clear to rooms where there are no ocean views. They are in turn influenced by motives of Chilean ethnic character.

Featuring panoramic views of the ocean

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