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The eternal debate about the relationship between decorative and functional properties of the lamp relevant as ever and ever. Meanwhile, the decorative properties of the lamp can vary significantly, if a – is turned off. It depends on such a seemingly modest light from time to time and attracts no attention, and ignites the light and begins here…

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Play with the shadows, colored reflections, broken beams and bright faces. The question of whether the lamp has an ornament in off “first decided to be – and in particular in accordance with personal preferences residents of the House and the amount of the stylistic challenge.” It’s time to return to the style of the theme, such as lamps, and indeed the Organization of illumination must comply with the overall interior design.


Today many have a great opportunity to show their individual tastes, and to achieve the original lighting in your home. With the current abundance of light, something for the soul can pick up both lovers of classical forms, and people with extravagant tastes. The followers of classical style favored by chandeliers, chandeliers and floor lamps made from natural materials – bronze, Onyx, marble and crystal.

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Manufactured with taste, they are ideal for the discerning interior of any room. A wall lamps made of wood and gilded metal fit perfectly into a strict, traditional indoor hall, a special appeal – use these lamps silhouette of the old lamps (where a candle or a gas burner, make sure to close the glass in front of the wind). Practical need for this has disappeared with the invention of electricity, and today a Bowl – a very element of the Interior.

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