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Trays are an important part of the showers, although it showers or without. You can use enamel, stainless steel, ceramic or artificial stone from coated shells made of cast iron. However hardly produce iron pallets. Popular trays made of acrylic. Cast iron and steel pallets are the most durable, but disturbing the owner of the bathroom noise that is emitted when the bathroom is Jet – shower or tap water flows.

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Ceramic shells look nice in showers. But their disadvantage is obvious. Ceramic shells are very fragile. Pallets made of cast stone are pallets, for the most consistent and strong. Only, until the not many people have the opportunity to purchase the shower with an expensive specialist.

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Acrylic – trays can to save heat. They are pleasant to the touch and are flexible and rigid product. However, the acrylic bathtubs are prone. They’re not hard to scratch or leave material on the crack.

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Modern manufacturers try showers each year to satisfy the consumer. Be not surprised, therefore, if you want to see a shower cabin with sauna – effect. Purchase an innovation or not, it depends on you. Keep in mind that the showers are for who would take a shower instead of bathing.

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