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There was a time that was traditional Decoesfera visit the kitchen of Gourmet Desserts twice a year, in summer, when I took the furniture outside, and in September, when it premiered decoration along with the new season. For some strange reason since changing to Antena 3, for over two years , we stop and we did not hear anything more of the successive models.

In this brand new 2013 we decided to retrieve the custom and here we are, ready to show you the iconic new Basque cuisine that premiered just yesterday, with the first program of the new year. Do you know who owns the furniture in this occasion?


Actually the thing is quite clear, in light of clearly visible logos that look the front. Yes, they are, the brand of kitchens in kit that already we have spoken in the past on our blog. hit the market in October 2010 offering quality furniture at an affordable price for everyone. Right now has stores in Basque Country, Madrid, La Rioja, Toledo and Palma de Mallorca, though, according to its expansion plans, it is likely that in no time you can ask the kitchen of Gourmet Desserts at any point of Spain.


As you can see the colors chosen for the kitchen are light oak and white, a combination that provides both warmth and style and, as we discussed, is one of the most selected by customers The kitchen also features stainless steel columns to match the brand Teka appliances, which, along with Silestone for countertops, remains one of the sponsors of the program.


As for the interior furniture fittings have the best brand shelves Blum and have a thickness of 19 mm. (The standard is 16 mm) to prevent sagging due to the weight. The drawers feature push-up and slow closing, according to the latest trends, combined front with handle, for wood color, and without handle, for white color.

cocina arguiñano 2013 2

Gourmet Desserts The program will maintain its broadcast schedule at 12.15 from Monday to Friday at Antena 3 and, for those who do not arrive on time, you can see the rerun on channel Nova 14.30h. sponsorship will continue for the next six months, including the latest trends and qualities as well as a mid-season change. We look to tell thee here.