Modern Lamps and let your living room shine

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Let there be light: lamps and lights

When it comes to the design of your own four walls, one gives his best and does everything possible that you later feel comfortable in its premises. It focuses on harmonizing shades or deliberately creates contrasts. The decoration is carefully selected so that the room for that special something will be awarded. Unfortunately, the greatest efforts are useless if the light is wrong. Appears to glare and can even color, so to speak “drown”. At dark light can not even come into play the harmony of colors. Proper lighting ensures Wohlfühlsein in a room. Ideally, you should plan carefully before lighting the building or before the renovation.

Achieve optimal lighting with modern lamps

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The sun in space

There are countless ways to bring light into a room. Before making his decision, one should consider a few things:

  • The areas in the home differ not only in their position, but also in theirfunction. Accordingly, the lighting has to be chosen.
  • If it is a work area (eg, kitchen, office, workshop, etc.) or a walk in the area (eg stairs into the cellar, rising to higher floor) should be a bright light be selected. This prevents major and minor accidents, for example, when you shut walking the stairs or cutting works in the kitchen.
  • For sleeping and relaxation area, a somewhat softer light should be chosen. An insulated light provides relaxation and creates a soothing atmosphere.
  • Since the living room area usually several functions fulfilled (eg relaxation area, reading area, but in some cases, work area), several types of illumination can be attached.

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A wide range of different lights and lamps there are eg There you can find inspiration for his own four walls and choose the right type of lighting for every room and every area.

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Illuminate Multipurpose spaces

A light in the room is often no longer sufficient. As in the case of the living room several activities can be done in a room – also in parallel by several family members.In one corner mother reading relaxed her novel, the father studied with the son on the living room table together the puzzle, the daughter scrolls on the living room carpet relaxing in fashion magazines and the grandmother knits comfortably in her chair. A bright ceiling light should be sufficient completely in this case or not? But one should not forget one thing:

  • Where there is light, there is shadow! It can happen that in an unfavorable position, to the point that should be actually lit, a shadow falls. This is particularly annoying when reading or knitting. Then you might have to change in a position that is less comfortable. Bad light burdened eyes.
  • Although Big lights provide plenty of light, but also consume a lot of energy. If you want the evening but only comfortable in the corner reading a book, while the partner watches TV, a small lamp just fine. Stand lamps not only look good, are in such a situation therefore also power saving.
  • An optimal lighting is especially important when reading, writing or perform of handicrafts such as knitting or crocheting. Therefore it is recommended to install additional lighting to conserve his eyes with the effort.
  • Who install additional lighting in a room this should be selected so that this does not interfere with the other family members. For example, if the reading lamp in the bedroom is too bright, it may for the partner who wants to sleep, be quite unpleasant.

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Light for Outside

But the exterior of a house should be well lit. This is particularly important in the entrance area, if there are, for example stairs or high levels. The garden will be awarded a special atmosphere when he shines in beautiful soft colors in the dark.Also there are different design options that not only contribute to their own well-being, but let the neighbors look quite envious.

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