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The mosaic bathrooms are a safety, a fad that never really goes, but, with time, it evolves and comes in different ways. This is nothing new, in fact, the mosaic is a technique already known and equally used since ancient times, from the seventh century BC It is all a matter of combinations and joints, to place the pieces of the puzzle next to each other, to create forms and designs , but also to coat the entire wall or around the floor evenly. Here are some ideas for choosing the mosaic that best suits your needs and, above all, to its own bathroom.

Mosaic Tile Specialists

The mosaic is an excellent solution, which allows, in a practical and functional, to furnish the bathroom . If it is true that it is all a game of blocks, to assemble, pull over and dial, there are also commercially sheets of mosaichi ready using the brackets mounted on special nets, to be fixed with special glue to the wall or floor.

The color, size and heights
The first choice, the fundamental one, when it comes to the mosaic covering of the bath, is that of color . In addition to their inclinations and personal color preferences, it is essential also satisfy the requirements of the space and the characteristics of the bath.

If it is a room small, not very bright, even with a very small window, better to focus on a mosaic of bright and reflective material, but especially light colors, like white, pearl gray, the milk, but also the yellow and green water. In the bathrooms larger and already naturally rich in light natural colors you can dare even less clear, choosing, for example, between shades of gray smoke, blue, forest green or even black.
The trend emerging want for the bathrooms, even if the choice is the mosaic covering, sober colors and natural, ranging from gray to taupe, through the sand and pearl gray. The excesses of color, however, are not completely stored, for those who just can not resist, there are solutions for all tastes mosaic of colors, even the most extreme.

The materials
The mosaic can be made ​​with different materials , from the most traditional to the most modern ones, from the most natural and valuable to the most innovative. You’ll be spoiled for choice, which is based, above all, the aesthetic effect you wish to achieve and the budget available.
You can create mosaics with pieces of marble , stone or travertine, which looks more raw and natural, but also of molten glass , glazed ceramic , porcelain or resin . There are also new compounds made ​​with waste materials.





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