Mosquito nets to the fixed frame

Ideal for the fixtures that do not require opening mechanisms.When aesthetics is not an issue and the imperative is above all to lock down forever the windows of cellars and attics from the assault of mosquitoes, mosquito nets fixed frame provide the most comfortable.The protection guaranteed by the mosquito nets is such that more and more people today make use of it for your own home.


Despite the undoubted usefulness, however, escapes no one that the nets are not properly … very stylish to be seen here is that then the industry has created new solutions to protect even the aesthetic side, with opening and closing mechanisms that allow to eradicate the mosquito rapidly within the casing during the colder seasons or hours in which it is not necessary.

This explains the proliferation of insect screen or, in recent times, one of those pleated, which are almost invisible and allow it to be protected without excessive damage to the design of their home. not always, however, the aesthetic is the priority, and indeed this type of coverage on all windows – the windows on doors, passing for the air vents of a smaller size – it can be financially costly and not easy to use, in addition to going to various mechanisms such as blinds and maneuver the morning or evening.

The fixed frame is ideal for small openings
In all cases in which it is not considered necessary to obtain a mosquito net resealable, the mosquito net in the fixed frame is a very economic solution and immediate installation, with a very thin profile. it is, of course, of a fixed structure, which must be stored only once and, at least in most cases, does not provide its usual removal. Therefore, it is ideal for all openings where aesthetics is not important (such as basements, attics, small bathrooms …), especially in the homes of the countryside or the sea, where the required protection is practically essential all year round.

Mosquito nets

The materials
The mosquito nets fixed frame are square or rectangular, the network is usually fiberglass or thicker aluminum or stainless steel. The attachment is to the wall, outdoors, and is distinguished by the very small thickness of his profile, so you can also be installed in close proximity to other surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the frame. For windows that show some minor irregularities (rather frequent event in the farmhouses in the countryside, for example, or in the rustic no recent restructuring) may be introduced to models with sponge perimeter, which adhere to the profile of the wall without difficulty, ensuring a ‘ excellent adherence.

Installation and maintenance
This type of mosquito net is perfect for windows of small size, as was said above those of cellars and attics. It is not impossible, however, also apply to larger openings, even if in this case (by the two meters up) is advisable to apply the crosspieces at half of the greater extent. The mounting brackets and any magnet complete the equipment required for the installation of the frame of the mosquito net and network operation that does not require special knowledge; maintenance requires a check of the state of the network at periodic intervals to ensure they are not these holes.