Mother’s Day: gives a garden


Modern life, with all the stress that causes us and the headaches involved, it gives us life in an amazing way. I recently discovered that there are some landscaping companies working online taking advantage of new technologies. Exclusive landscaping projects, together with a manual planning and realization of your garden.

Not only do the custom project every garden or terrace, but even then they follow some of these companies have gift packages. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I think the whole idea does not give a bouquet of flowers, but a whole garden.


From Landscape online Magazine team Flowers and Plants, give guidelines to completely transform your garden. According to the company a garden for you, no matter where it is located the garden as they do international projects. Knowing the terrain, tastes and that life will develop around the garden, A garden experts for you can begin to develop a specific project for each client.

One can also enter my garden, where we offer everything you can wish for that transformation: furniture, flooring, plants, planters … anything but garden gnomes!

Sounds like a great idea, especially for the easy steps to follow to become a customer of these companies. The first is to enter your website and send the information you requested (including credit card, a sine qua non). You must also report all details of the space you want me to redesign and crew will make a project and in some cases will send you a CD with instructions and a manual.


antesydespues terrace

For me, I change the house every two months, would be a new experience to do the same with the deck and where appropriate, with the garden. Is not this a great idea for Mother’s Day, give her a garden?