new bedroom design


I always like to think of my bedroom and soft and relaxed place where happiness goes hand in hand with the decor. Well, these were the feelings I had when I saw the room I see on these lines, which have created a headboard cushions.

To make this headboard, only will need square cushions (or pillows if not weigh much) lined with fabric that you like. If you see on these lines, the white fabric was less in the two end where there were a couple of scratches.

If you urge, you have to stick at least the upper ends, either or both webs by a spike or cuelgafácil inside with care not to tear the fabric. Another option is to sew a pair of strings to the end and hang the cushion of the same, although I imagine some of the impact is lost. In case I suggest a lot like him get a row of cushions on the side, I think it is more dynamic.

Anyway, what you urge to create a headboard cushions? I like, and if they are well placed to serve me to read in bed. Yes, we should be very attentive to cleanliness because immediately begin to gather dust if you do not move.