New designs and non-traditional


Today it is rare for someone PAPER throughout your home, even wallpaper a room is usually full, but it is common to see wallpaper in a particular area of a house or wall impact. The wallpaper has been modernized a lot over the years and has opened a new world of different decorative possibilities.

The wallpaper you see in the pictures of this article is Deborah Bowness and is perfect to decorate just in specific areas. Their roles accurately represent typical scenes the house, so that the paper appears somewhat prolongation of reality. That can make the room look larger as well as being very decorative.


Christmas tree wallpaper

There are also highly adapted models to the celebrations we are experiencing these days, including the one we see in the photo above these lines representing traditional Christmas tree. On the one hand we have the advantage that the tree so no stain, no one takes up space and that a tree is certainly original and different simply portrayed on the wall.

Deborah Bowness papers are handmade and therefore can be considered works of art and pieces practically unique. These strips of paper that can be used to decorate a particular area of ​​a room, a column or space on one side of a door … everyone can place the paper where you see fit to your decor.