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Need lamps or lanterns for the garden? Why not think about buying a few pots with built-in light?
New pots by Vondom with LED light in white or RGB are the ideal solution for light to your garden. Are great with garden furniture , are low consumption and high quality.Furniture and Vondom pots are designed for outdoor use. Made of polythene resin, resistant to extreme temperatures (-60 º C to +80 º C) and UV8 factor. Polyethene resin resists impact, lightweight and 100% recyclable.

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The pots Llum by Vondom terraces are ideal for home or restaurants. Create a relaxing atmosphere and a welcoming atmosphere. The Vondom pots containing self-watering systems that provides a range of irrigation to the plant up to three months. Sometimes we are too busy to remember when and how much we have to water our plants. With these you can forget watering pots, just look from time to time whether to refill the water tank.

Remember, not all pots have built light, light models is optional, and you can choose RGB or white light.The pots come with light remote control to turn on or off and on some models the choice of light is white or RGB.

Detailed Product Description
750lm waterproof lighting outdoor wall washer high power RGB LED 24W maximum
High strength aluminum, high clearness tempered glass
Adjustable Base installation, 180 degree rotatable in vertical direction, convenient for adjusting the projection angle light
Reliable design of heat dissipation, long lifespan, stable and reliable
Light projection distance of 10 feet, more angles for options
Power supply included, convenient wiring and installation
Customized colors for options, IP rate IP65

The wall washer LED ETAIXING is a fitting projection lighting using high-power LED as light source. With red, green and blue colors, 256 gray scale and the effect of synchronization with intelligent controller is realizable. Controlled by DMX system, the program can be customized to make the change gradual, or persecution, or blinking, flickering randomly, exchange and other dynamic effect. The wall washer LED KETAIXING reliably sealed, light projection angle and position adjustable to best reach desired effect.

For over seven years, as the new type of environmentally friendly products, Ketaixing lights have achieved great reputation and confidence from our customers. We are always keeping committed to providing wide range of products including washer light LED Wall, LED Lawn Light, LED light and so on and varieties underwater LED light options Inground lighting solutions dedicated to our customers. We welcome your inquiry!
Please feel free to contact us now to solve one-stop exporting the wall washer LED!

The building, stage, billboard, rockery, bridge over the green landscape, bar, dance hall, sculpture, historic building etc.

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