Old Renovated Kitchen and Colorful

Most older homes have a special charm, always in them areas that need reform almost completely but there are elements that would be great to keep. That’s what I thought the architect Mark Lawrence at the time of housing reform in the forties that had belonged to her grandmother.The house had a distribution very common in homes of the period, with the lounge as a starting point and small rooms around. So that was the first thing that had to be modified for large, open spaces and better circulation of light. In particular the reform of the kitchen has stunning detail.

Coloured Chalks Kitchen

In addition to expanding the kitchen counter to get a more functional, more comfortable working with more storage space in the kitchen made many other changes. One of the elements highlighted in the table with glass surface and deep red structure that contrasts with traditional chairs around being inherited.
Of course we have added new appliances that are on the wall opposite the counter and also the red of the table in the kitchen have added other touches of color to help modernize and adapt to the times, so that later have been used by several generations of the same family can continue to enjoy today.

And one of the things I liked was the floor, the floor is the original light wood and has been stained with turquoise achieving an excellent result and very original. Another contrast that remains within a new and modern space the essence and flavor of the old.
Besides the modification of some partitions allows the kitchen is now more open and accessible from everywhere. Partitions are kept to separate the kitchen part of the room, is used in cooking to place appliances and as shelves for books and other things, in the living room.

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