orange bathroom


One of the salient features of the furniture and accessories from Kartell is the use of vibrant colors for plastics manufacture. Meanwhile Laufen is a well known firm that specializes in the design of furniture and bathroom accessories. Working together they designed a bathroom collection with interesting combinations.

The idea is to combine health in more or less conventional ceramic accessories in clear or colored plastic. Accessories include from small shelves of different shapes to place on them boats and various personal hygiene items, to increase comfort seats of the toilet room.


kartell laufen 2

The collection draws attention because the contrast between the serious and robust ceramic with plastic and much lighter color, is striking. Mind you, if you want a discreet combination are different shades to choose from and not all are as striking as the orange.

So aside the accessories and improve collection functional bathroom at the service we provide and also improve the aesthetic level bathroom also for the originality of their designs and the joy that confer with your color.