Outdoor Flooring Design

It ‘very important to choose the type of outdoor floor, because of the decorative elements is perhaps the one that most housing footprint. The strength and solidity are essential characteristics combined with an aesthetic quality.
One level home can not be separated from the exterior well cared for. The aesthetics of pools, sidewalks and floors plays an important role only if the effort to keep everything in good condition will be minimal. The same applies to homes of average level if you want to have a good aesthetic environments, balconies and open spaces. The outdoor flooring should therefore be made with durable materials, able to withstand any stress.

Outdoor Floor Tiles

The equipment in question ranging from porcelain with ceramic tiles, marble down to the wood, passing for modern solutions such as linoleum or the tires. A contour will be used interlocking blocks and drainage to prevent problems due to rain water. In summary to choose the right flooring compared to our needs it is necessary to combine aesthetics with durability.

The installation is as important as the materials, and to give directions on the best type are the characteristics, status, and the type of environment.
Some practical advice:
a) Remove the dirt before laying
b) Clean the installation surface
c) not to proceed with the installation if the temperature is below 0 ° or above 30 °
Now we make the point about the different types of flooring for outdoor:
Traditional parquet: solid wood, consists of tables derived from a single block of hardwood, characterized by a long life because it can be taken for different sanding.
Laminated Flooring: composed of an outer track of noble wood, glued on a support. It can be single or double-layered or default or pre-polished.
– Parquet laminate flooring is not a real but a facsimile obtained with photographic prints of images of wooden incolate on a stand.
Stoneware and terracotta floors: floors are made from dough and divide in brick, clinker, cement, ceramics, stoneware, monocotto and biscuit. The most widely used and valuable is cooked, it can give a distinctive personality and value to environments.

We should also mention stoneware, a variant of cooked obtained from a mixture of sand and clay combined with hardeners. The stoneware is resistant and easy to maintain.

– Marble and stones are achieved by using marble and natural stone. Marble is a particular rock porosache find numerous applications in the construction industry, and provides a distinctive and classy. Marble has different shades, from white to pink to green and red, but you can also find special marble sandblasted. As material is very resistant to dirt, but requires constant maintenance even if undemanding. For rquanto regards natural stone can be used as porphyry, travertine, granite, quartzite, limestone, amarillo, slate, tuff, or Indian stone.

Synthetic floors and plastic
This type of materials have been introduced recently as a very appreciable quality in spite of you might believe the opposite. Among these floors are the latest generation of plastics rubber RCL, which enjoy good anti-slip properties, and PVC flooring, aesthetically valuable. We should also mention the linoleum, acrylic resins and polyurethanes, rubber and vinyl. Tile is the plate of plastic material suitable for making floors, walkways or platforms draining. Tile can be applied for edge swimming pools, showers, camping, sporting events, music and exhibitions, terraces, garden and walkways. Available with solid or perforated finish in the colors green, gray and brick, rests easily thanks to its hook which also simplifies the steps of removal. Tile is also equipped with a slide creasing linear and angular to ensure a safe transitability.

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