Overwinter Potted Plants Properly

Before it freezes right the first time, most potted plants should be brought into winter quarters. Many of the exotic beauties like it never manage when it gets cold. Since different plants make very different demands on their winter quarters, it is the specific characteristics to be considered carefully in order to still have joy in oleander, boxwood, Palm Tree & Co. in the upcoming gardening season – eight tips on how you should overwinter container plants . Show Our photo shows what is the wintering of the most popular tub plants should consider and how to get the best out there protecting potted plants .

Plant Care Tips

Happy is he who a cool, but frost-free conservatory or has a corresponding greenhouse, because those are ideal wintering grounds for many exotic potted plants. There are alternatives to these rooms and even plants specimens that can overwinter in the garden protected accordingly directly. In any case, you should start with the arrangements for a gentle winter for your plants before the first frost.

Some species of potted plants may directly overwinter in the garden, and include, for example conifers, boxwood , bamboo or cherry laurel . Of particular importance, however, is to protect the roots from frost sensitive. Well, it’s from the bottom to isolate the planter against the cold ground by placing it on a Styrofoam plate. The vessel itself can be wrapped with jute, reed, fleece or bubble wrap, so not too much cold penetrates. If you are close together, the plants and make close to the house wall, they are less exposed to the elements and better protected. A brushwood cover the pot protects against frost.

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In dry conditions the thus stored potted plants must be watered in the winter, because the root ball must never completely dry up. So inside – – but a frost-free location for most potted plants during the cold season a must.

Potted plants will overwinter frost-free
Who does not have a conservatory, may also bright, unheated basements, garages or stairwells repurpose as winter quarters. But then it should be ensured that the thermometer does not fall below the zero degree mark. Basically, you can say: the cooler the winter temperature, the dark can also be the room. At a constant winter temperature of zero to five degrees are some types, for example aromatic or myrtle bark way without light.

Ideal for overwintering of most potted plants are temperatures from five to ten degrees, as for example, offers a cool conservatory. Are the temperatures too high, which leads to an imbalance, since the plants boost your metabolism while it is braked at the same time by the lack of light. The result is a so-called etiolation: The plants float and form long thin stems with small leaves.

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Earthing protects roses from frost
The frostempfindlichste point to the Rose is the finishing point. She sits directly above the root, where the shoots begin. The first and lasting winter protection for a rose is therefore always the deep planting. One should therefore use as the rose from the beginning in the bucket that the bud union about three to five centimeters sits deep under the earth.

To zoom in colder regions that protection, you häufelt in late fall to about twenty centimeters soil or compost. In the simplest case you dig for the earth around the roses around slightly and pour it in the center on the shoots. The digging of the earth around the rose does not bother this way, because their roots go almost vertically into the ground.

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In spring, then just pull the dirt pile apart to the side, so that again a smooth surface is produced. If you have used compost, then you just spread it around the rose, then he can of the plant continues to supply food and gradually improves the soil structure.

Light is not missing in hibernation
Many exotic potted plants are evergreen species, that is, they carry their leaves in the winter. These include, for example, oleander , laurel, palm and various citrus species. These specimens should not be too dark even during the winter rest. Behind a sheet of glass in the conservatory or greenhouse, the light is less intense but more often than under the open sky – you have the rest of the plants so by low temperatures in helping them to drive their metabolism down.

Deciduous container plants like angels trumpet and fuchsia can overwinter in stock dark rooms when the temperatures are so low that the plants do not sprout prematurely. The best way to cut these plants back already before loading, so they do not throw off all the leaves in the winter quarters.

Watering low enough in the winter of
During the winter you should water container plants generally very economical. Make sure that the potting soil is always at the very dries before watering again. Watering once a week is enough usually. Should a plant in the coming weeks yield a portion of the leaves, the cause is usually not a water shortage, but the reduced light availability, or too high a temperature in the winter quarters. Periodically check your storage conditions.

Protect container plants in winter from pests
Preventive you should give only pest-free plants into winter quarters. Specimens that were just plagued by pests, it is better separately first. Check the plants in each care tour at the first signs of pests and diseases. Examine primarily the undersides of leaves and twigs carefully as these are popular hiding places for thyroid and mealybugs. Fungal diseases are best prevented before by fallen leaves and dead plants are removed regularly.


If space and time are missing – the wintering Service
Not every lover frost-sensitive plants has a suitable and sufficient space for the wintering available. However, there is a so-called winter service , already offer many nurseries. This includes in most cases – depending on the agreement – remove the collection and returning the pot plants, cut, fertilizing, plant protection measures, climate control, weeds and watering, as well as the spring-cut.

The price for this comfortable type of housing are different and are calculated in most cases on how much square feet of space must be provided for your plants and the care designed how extensive is. The Central Horticultural Association is an example of a price between 45 and 70 Euro per square meter (excluding transport and extras) for a period from October until May.

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