Paint colors furniture legs

Do you have a sofa or a bed completely unremarkable to those who want to give a little grace and humor? The first idea that comes to mind is changing the upholstery or cushions placed a lot of fun but … never thought of the legs. Sometimes just a touch of color to straight or turned legs wood to turn a dull and boring furniture in a unique and fun.

Fun Furniture Legs

That is what they have done in these examples that I bring here some more elaborate and simpler, but all equally original and surprising .This bed is of the most curradas, as they have used various shades of color to paint the legs and has taken the shape of the leg itself to plot the drawing. Still, it’s easy to do, and anyone with a can of paint, a brush and masking tape to mark areas can get something similar.

But sometimes just paint the furniture legs striped smooth , even tones can be combined with the cushions or the rest of the decor. For example, the legs of this sofa are painted yellow and green , and are great with the backing of colored squares.And even served with a simple stripe of color that break , like this yellow, or even a simple white to draw attention.And for the lazy no good news: the same effect can be achieved with a bit of washi tape .

Paint colors furniture legs

Paint furniture legs

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