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The colors play an important role in decorating any space. They define who we and what style furniture and accessories can be used to combine everything. The paint on the walls is important for this process. However, there is also the paint for the floor, which can be used to make a renewal at any time.

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Previously we have told specifically how to paint, renovate wood floors and artwork for the floor. This time we will talk exclusively paints for the floor , the guys that are on the market and what is the best option for our home and for our needs.

The three types of main floor paints are oil the latex and epoxy.
For example, if you are going to paint the floor of the kitchen or the garage, where there will be moisture and elements that could be acidic, then the epoxy paint is best for this because it will last longer and protect floors from wear. It will also be resistant to oil accumulation. The best thing is to clean and degrease well the floor where you’re applying for best results.

Moreover you can also use oil paint for these cases because besides being durable also give a shiny and smooth. You can also use these in concrete or wood. Either should be applied and allowed to dry for at least 48 hours before you can step on this floor.

Latex paints are best if you want to give a theme industry and are more decorative. Can be used on metal, wood, concrete and dries quickly without leaving a terrible smell throughout the house. The only bad thing is that last less time.

When buying paint for the floor to remember the following: the type of floor that you paint, the paint color and how much ventilation is in the spray area. If you are unsure then ask at the paint store for your individual case.

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