Paint the garage floor

If the garage floor is new, oil stains and car wheels can penetrate it, deteriorating it. Before arriving to bigger problems, is a good idea to apply a layer of special paint, vitrification, which insulates the ground, while providing a sleek, glossy finish. Do not forget this advice, garage floors require special treatment.

Paint the garage floor

The steps to paint the garage floor
After cleaning the surface, paint will be easy and fast. Do the following:

1. To start painting, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Two. Usually advised to add a little solvent and wait a few minutes for the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Three. Start painting with a wide brush and creating a band on the edge of the walls.

April. Continue the roll, using a telescopic handle. Progresses uniformly small areas with parallel bands. Always from the back of the garage out.

May. It is important to verify the drying time.

June. Once dry, apply a second coat.

July. Before using the surface, it is advisable to wait at least 36 hours.

In my house we have a fairly wide garage floor (about 8 meters. By 7 meters.) Cement. No cement. It is an intermediate between a coarse and fine. I’m looking for some paint which eliminate the roughness of the floor, and leave it as smooth and devoid of abrasiveness possible, so that when he fell, scraping my daughters not to the ears. The downside is that, as we live in an inner city girl, no skilled labor exists in bizarre products. So the solution I’m looking for some type of paint that can be applied up to me, if necessary.

First I thought of a floor polishing, but no grinding in the area. Then tried a hard stone trowel, but I’m going back to polish monkey all over the floor. Then, I thought about paint paddle tennis, but I saw applied (2 coats) does not cover the roughness of the floor. Lately I turned towards two alternatives:

1) paints or silicone rubber, on which I know nothing,
2) solvent based sealers, I never saw applied, so do not know if I can meet my expectations. A final opinion the advice I got from a seller of a house Capital cements, who offered me a product that makes a kind of plastic cement, which would be shiny but soft. Someone may bring me ideas, opinions, criticisms or solutions?? I appreciate any comments or experiences.
The floor is partially covered in a garage where the sun does not direct, but is open on two sides. The area is rather warm, dusty environment, and receive rain indirectly. thank you very much