Patio Gardens for Outdoor Recreation

The courtyard is a very valuable home space and garden, and often wasted. Corner house on many occasions as a deposit limit of old stuff and items you no longer use more, with simple suggestions you can transform it into a favorite place for leisure time. However, we must take into account some other factors that are a nuisance to when planning a garden, such as proximity to tall buildings impairing brightness or proximity to pollution sources like factories.

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It is also very important to evaluate the brightness of the courtyard features: whether dominated by hours of shade or sun will help us to choose the most suitable species according to each case. Many times you need some kind of professional help before embarking on making our company the most beautiful courtyard gardens. But not discouraged, because it is so difficult.

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To start, pay attention to the next installment, which will show you some other important points that you can not fail to take into account when planning a garden in the yard. Normally, the space we can devote to the garden at our home in the city is reduced to a courtyard garden will serve. Decorate it with class should not be less complex than that of a huge space in rustic terrain. With the limited space available, it is best to create a garden with different elements to image space and light.

As the courtyard is usually in the kitchen communication, try to continuity with plenty of pots, some will flower where the sun and other green rejoice winters. Including a minimalist fountain, occupying a small space will create an atmosphere of spaciousness and freshness. A small statue garden generate stately appearance, provided that this statue does not take up much space, recommended average height and narrow.

With lighting, in these cramped spaces, you can create effects that give more depth and sense of relief. The lights dim and do not directly affect the boundaries of the garden will create these results. The foliage on the borders of our garden patio is necessary for the same thickness of credit to a space beyond its exuberance. Avoid using too much ground plants or items placed on the surface, it is that the floor is free to the furniture and decoration base.

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