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terraces super inspiring for notes lots of practical ideas and nice! And is that who has a terrace has a treasure , especially when spring approaches.Whether it is a small terrace in a flat, as if it is a huge terrace cottage … it is important to make the most of! loungers, dining area, tables and sofas … chill out when decorating terraces first thing is to decide what it is you want to use . Do you second? Pour a look at the following photos of terraces to point all you can copy in yours!


On the cover we see a fantastic idea to terraces : put a mirror ! It will reflect natural light and give a special touch to the space.The enclosed terraces give more game for decoration : rugs, pillows, lanterns, pots … everything is safe from the rain!Photos rustic and spacious terraces like the following we show the charm of the old cottages. The next to the garden terraces are refreshing and very summery.The boho terraces are very fashionable, as we see in these photos. In this very large, we have a dining area and seating area.

A bench and table calendar can be a practical option for dining on terraces . Just do not forget to decorate the deck with something that gives shade.Yes, no doubt, l a shade better option for the deck is to cover it with vegetation.

We are to have a balcony in our house, and the truth is that we love to make the most of it, and even more so in these days of early summer, when the heat is still too aggressive and we can be more hours in her.

By spending so much time on it, we are always looking for new ideas to get a more welcoming terrace , and the good thing is you usually get with details quite simple and affordable, which is much appreciated.One of the things that we realized is that the noble materials, like wood, are the most important when it comes to dress and decorate a terrace. A good example would be the wooden floor you can see in the terrace above these lines, and giving you unsurpassed warmth.

It is also a fact that wood flooring is usually costly and requires a series of precautions that tile entire life, but from our point of view, a simple wooden floor and makes you much of the work to the time to give a cozy feel to a terrace.

Lighting also plays a very important role when decorating a terrace, and is something that is not usually given more importance. If we want a peaceful and friendly atmosphere, it is essential to choose underpowered warm lights , and put down half-height.
The candles scattered around the floor or on a table or shelf is a perfect resource to achieve this type of lighting, and we can play with different kinds of media, metal, glass, etc. -. We have some sort of more powerful lamp and remove saved when we need more lighting on the table for dinner, but always with the option to turn it off and enjoy a night with a light desktop environment.

Textiles are another item that can play in different ways and still manage to provide also a good deal of atmosphere to the whole, as seen in this terrace, where we can see different kinds of cushions, some other fabric, and even a carpet.
And last, but not least, the plants. We may have something of an obsession, not going to deny it, but we love the terraces full of plants , and the more the better. That if, if we get a nice cozy terrace and forget about the plastic pots. The clay is a very economical choice, are infinitely better and plants will thank us much.


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