pirates room decoration

When a boy or girl loves reading about pirates or playing with pirate toys, he or she will also enjoy a pirate-themed bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. Fun gift-givers can help children set sail on the high main with the following suggestions for furniture, bedding. and piratical room decor.

The most common place for pirate room décor is a child’s bedroom – young boys and girls alike enjoy this sassy, fun decorating theme. Doing your formal living room in pirate themed décor might be a challenge, but if you live near the beach, or if you have a beach home, a pirate themed room can be the perfect antidote to more traditional beach house decorating ideas.

You can also experiment with pirate decorating ideas in less formal rooms of your house, like home theaters and game rooms. Pirate looks are supposed to be fun, and they should be used in the rooms in your house that are designated for laid back good times.

Floors and Walls

Nix carpeting and go with hardwood floors for a pirate theme room. They don’t have to be in perfect condition. If you prefer, use laminate flooring that looks like hard wood. Hard floors work well in a kids’ room because they are easy to clean and give kids a solid foundation upon which they can play. Add some blue area rugs for reading corners or a cozy place to cuddle up with softer toys. Go with a watery blue color if you are opting for wall-to-wall carpeting to give the floor the feel of an open sea.

Paint the walls sky blue and paint some clouds on the wall. Put glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for night-time viewing. Decorate a featured wall with a treasure map or nautical wall paper, or use a nautical theme wallpaper border around the entire room.


Use rustic wood furniture that is stained or distressed. Wood furniture is a wise investment because it fits into almost any decorating theme if you decide to redecorate, and it can always be painted or stripped if you want to change its look.

Get a wooden chest that resembles a treasure chest for an appropriate pirate toy box. Consider adding a boat-shaped bed if you want to go all out. Children find these specialty beds delightfully fun, but they can be expensive and will eventually need to be replaced as kids get older. An alternative that will endure would be a captains bed, bunk or loft bed.

Windows and Bedding

Create tattered curtains for a pirate window treatment. Cut white or tea-stained curtains jaggedly at the edge or use nautical theme fabric. Hang window treatments on a wooden curtain rod. Use a shade and hand-paint a pirate’s treasure map on it for a hidden surprise.

Decorate the bed with nautical or pirate theme bedding. Alternately, use a black comforter with red and white striped sheets and pillow cases. Add some throw pillows with nautical theme designs or maps.


Hang a fishing net from the ceiling, on a wall or behind the bed in place of a headboard. Shop at a boat store for some interesting accessories. Hang some real boat cleats on the wall for clothing hooks, or mount an anchor or steering wheel for an inspired piece of art. Use compasses, old-fashioned globes and other nautical supplies as decorative accents.

Make wall art out of shipping maps or mount shelves to hold model ships. Drape a Jolly Roger flag on the wall or mount a flagpole for it. No pirate room is complete without a skull and crossbones.

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