Placing the TV Furniture

The old TV (though the truth is that not so long ago that we had at home …) were wide and thick, and needed furniture and large tables on which to place them. Not so with the current plasma or LCD screens, which are so fine that they can even hang on the wall as paintings. Furniture for placing television have evolved to keep pace with these appliances, and today there are solutions for all decorative styles.


If you like living murals furniture, modern proposals find room for peripherals, systems to hide wires and even speakers that go unnoticed. But there are also smaller furniture, wall, classic style …

Proposals from Ikea
At Ikea, this year have curly curl as far as TV furniture is concerned. PS Its collection contains a design that to me, particularly fascinates me: the furniture you see on these lines. With black exterior, yellow doors are inspired by the folds of the curtains and antiques. Opening are also foldable, which makes them very original. Another fantastic system that the Swedish company has launched this year is UPPLEVA, a number of elements for the system to hide TV cables, speakers and subwoofer built.

Furniture transparent, column or recycled
Moreover, the designs available in stores cover a huge spectrum. There are glass and acrylic furniture, perfect for small living spaces, elements central column support (like the image on the right) that occupy little space and have room for everything or classic minimalist furniture … And of course, you also have the option to recycle any old dresser or sideboard and put the TV on top, as pictured on the left. An idea very vintage trend.

corner wall shelf for tv


Beautiful Living Room in New Modern Home

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