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Starting today started an intensive course for beginners gardening allows you to have the exterior of your house more orderly and dazzling than ever.


Undoubtedly, a good way to enjoy the summer and get your garden the most. And, although not enough, plan a garden requires some techniques and knowledge that should not be overlooked. A well-planned design, besides being a particularly stimulating challenge, you will ensure optimal use of your space. Before you begin, it should be noted that gardening is much more than just growing plants. So if you want to achieve an attractive garden without resorting to expensive professional garden design and preparation, read the following lines carefully. Apart from the substantial amounts of money you save, you will ensure the satisfaction that only made ​​things with their own hands provide.

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Decide what your goal
First, you will want to be very clear about what the goal you are pursuing. To do this, nothing better than taking a blank canvas and start designing a new garden or a series of improvements to the current. Actually, the easiest way to decide what you want is to create several lists, in which all members of the house include their contributions. So writes all those elements of your current garden that can not be changed, such as a tree or a pond, as well as other elements that do not want change. then prepares a list of things you want to include in the new design basis, of course, a number of priorities. Do not forget to include the functional elements, such as irrigation pipe or where you will store the bags of fertilizer.

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That logic guide your planning
If you find it very difficult to set priorities, give each element categories of essential or desirable-something like a table of pros and cons, a simple and effective technique. In this way, you absolutely certain you have included all the essentials, and all desirable elements that have enough space to install. should be realistic, because if, for example, your garden is very small, install a greenhouse like the one shown in the picture will be an unnecessary waste of time and money.


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