Police themed bedroom

While the uniform of the police depends on the region in which we find ourselves, usually we associate with a deep blue color, with some lines of white, red and black. These will be the colors of basis we should use to achieve the look of a police station in the room of children.

Police themed bedroom

We talked on a bedroom fire , ideal for children who are fascinated by the work of the brave men who are involved in fighting the fire. Today we refer to a police themed bedroom , another style that can please many small.
It is very common for children to say that when they grow up, they want to be cops . Catch those who misbehave and do justice sounds very interesting. As you grow and define their vocation, decorate the nursery with typical objects of this profession can help the world be near police safe and fun.
In police room predominate blue color variants, which usually identify the uniform of the security force. The wall painted blue and dark blue sockets are a good choice. Better still is to stick a decorative vinyl or a police car wallpaper with a pattern like.
As ornaments can hang whistles or police badges toy. Some miniature patrol on the desktop will also contribute to the atmosphere, like a rug with some reason police.

An original idea is to get the typical police beacon and install it on a wall. Without doubt, this accessory will be fun for the child when playing cops and robbers with a friend.
Take the opportunity that gives you the police themed bedroom and teach your little all those values ​​should always defend an honest cop and committed to the community. For bedding, cushions and curtains, you can buy a set with patterns related to the issue. In case you do not find these accessories, uses solid plain colors and tones mentioned and well-defined shapes.

In one corner you can install a line of two or three metal lockers with a bench front. Place mirrors on the inside of the lockers and you have the costumes and clothes closet for your child. For curtains can add clamps whistles hanging ropes, or use a toy police badge.

If you are good at drawing, you can do a mural on one wall with the image of a police or to use the popular wallpaper to decorate the walls. A second and more subtle option is to leave the walls white base, and paint a blue stripe on the top that traverse the entire room. Paint the red or black sockets and add a paper saves reasons combined with the subject just half height between the baseboards and the blue. The middle line can also be a yellow stripe with black letters indicating tape simulating “local police do not happen.” If the sockets are wide, you can add figures with stencils patrol and create fun patterns throughout the room.





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police stickers for kids


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