Pools, helps to keep the water cleaner

To save and maintain the pool water is unavoidable keep water in suitable conditions and for this there are cleaner robotic systems that help us to achieve excellent results.To maintain optimal water conditions, pools require surface treatment, but that means in scanning systems or systems filtered surface by overflowing, while deep cleaning or mass average water is treated with chemicals that thanks the purifiers then we offer clean and clear waters.

keep clean water in Pool

Anyway the bottom and walls of the pool heavier substances tend to accumulate that are forming sediments over time and it is advisable to collect such small particles that are adhering to their surfaces by cleaners .

There are robotic systems to be connected to independent measurements of clean funds located in one of the walls of the pool, it must be placed under the water about 20 inches or so and before linking hose should be immersed, Clean the brush thoroughly and fill the tube until it is full. Today the pool cleaning systems we offer cleaner manuals which are connected to the suction or external extractors can be robotic.
Both options are great for keeping the water crystal clear and blue of our swimming pools without the need of wasting so precious and scarce as water in these times.

Watching some answers you have given, I take the liberty to answer you in ways a little more extensive but I think it may be worth investing some time in trying to clarify things.The water in the swimming pools transparency loses three root causes.Physical contamination: Dust or things that mix, float, remain in suspension or sink in water.How are you particles reflect light, visibility through the water is difficult (Tindall Phenomenon).
If these particles are organic or are sterile or capable of being dissolved and combined with other substances ….
Then we have a chemical contamination or biological contamination.

Bathing and remove the suntan lotion before going to the pool is due (perspiration, hair, our clothes, leaves, insects and dust made disasters in the water).It is true that sunlight allows algae growth (spores arriving as filling with water, on our skin or even by air).
But it is also true that UV rays have a bactericidal action is beneficial.

What to do?
It is almost impossible or too expensive and cumbersome to try to prevent water pollution.One way to achieve this is to cover the pool and not use it. But what would be the sense of building a pool then? A short dive enough to “seed” what we will arrinar the party. We have no filter or team?
So no choice but to take some work.
1) Let us avoid putting pollutants into the pool.
2) If they enter (and always will), take back as many as we can with a simple and simple sieve on top of a pole in daily dorma if twice daily MUCH BETTER
3) are very fine contaminants and pass through a sieve?
Then we can add calcium hydroxide or a flocculant (clarifier) ​​whose effect is to “group” transforming them into fine particles larger and heavier groups that go to the heart of where we can get them doing siphon with a hose or carefully using a sieve.
also work with most chemical contaminants to the bottom precipitating salts.
4) Insurance is to be (give it for granted) biological contaminants.
Bacteria, fungi, algae, insect larvae, tadpoles and even if you let it!. To this, we must make them impossible to live in your pool.
Sodium hypochlorite is a good disinfectant. is cheap, easy to get and is effective.It has the white spot problem. eat the colors and eye irritation. (the famous “Chlorine”, although chlorine is a gas and liquid or powder)

Some are better, but more expensive, as mono chloramines (the top), or quaternary ammonium compounds, benzalkonium chloride itself.
Someone suggested using bleach. I think it’s a mistake to raise the pH of the water, when in reality, you agree to the effects of precipitation, and hinder the life forms prolifecacion, lower. In other words, use an acid. (Hydrochloric acid for example). Algae, bacteria and other dead bodies will become physical contaminants (once dead) and the flocculant will help you remove them.
In many cases you will see that Olympic pools or large in clubs and sports facilities lack the filters. And water it lasts all season!
Attended by hundreds of people daily and do not cover them at night! Simply take the trouble to keep them clean and well maintained and of adding the products needed to keep them in good condition.

There is a crazy thing, not that hard and can be done if you are reasonably constant (today not cleanse because you are tired? Better not fill and rest!)
Can. Good luck and enjoy the pool cleaned several months.Ahh! during the winter do not purge! check it a carp (-fish) and keep them clean for you without chlorine or flocculants or anything until the summer.