Porcelain Tiles for bathrooms

The porcelain to coat surfaces (floors and walls) especially in the bathroom has become incredibly popular. Why? It lasts a long time keeping a perfect look and found it in so many different models and sizes that will always be for everyone.
We talked with Maria Del Carmen Delfino, architect and professor of interior architecture and extent of Toulouse Lautrec , who gave us greater scope on this coating for our bathroom.


What is porcelain?
“The term comes from china porcelain. It is an evolution of glazed ceramic. This material is unalterable and technically superior to any other floor or wall tiles, with resistance to abrasion, breakage, to chemicals and cleaning products. Raw materials are selected for processing under heat treatment above 1,200 ° C and increased pressure in the pressing. ”
So what we can conclude is even higher than a coating of a ceramic device (this is at a lower temperature), so that its price is usually higher too. At the moment you have to decide your decor, take this into account. The porcelain will last longer and better withstand high temperatures and cleaning products, as well as shock. Another detail is that it is almost impossible to scratch.

“This material can take up to one hundred years. When not covered by enamel finish is usually polished or polished for durability and water absorption. ”
As you might be imagining to have a very low water absorption, will not allow fungi to flourish.

Models of porcelain for bathrooms
This is another great advantage. Find so different aspect models, both in texture, shape and color you will be hard to decide. This largely depends on the style of decoration you want for your bathroom (minimalist, rustic, modern, vintage, etc..). remember that the idea is to get a sense of relaxation.
Our expert says:  “There are a variety of models on the market of many brands and different prices. They can be different finishes: rustic (such as rough surfaces like stone or wood), with gloss, matt, polished, etc.. Some design and full color. The most used is 60cm. x 60cm., 1.20mx 1.20m rectangular, but even this will be diversity. ”

To begin then, find porcelain matte or glossy. What do you prefer? The mate is very fashionable in recent years and it is not noticeable dust as much as the bright.
A good recommendation when buying porcelain tiles is give you a few more you can save in case you ever need to make a change. Maybe later it difficult to find the exact model and size of the original.

How porcelain is placed?
Maria del Carmen told us the steps for installation. Do you mean you’ll do it yourself (unless you like this kind of work), but will give you an idea of ​​how easy it can be.

1. Installation is done on a clean, firm and level.
Two. It uses special white powder adhesive for porcelain. This is applied on the floor and
Also on the reverse side of the piece. The recommendation is to leave at least 2 mm of joint or separation
between them and 3 mm in unrectified.
Three. It should be cleaned thoroughly after applying the forge (three days would be ideal) and let it dry before putting it time.
April. It is recommended minimum drying time of three days for heavy traffic.




Porcelain bathrooms

Porcelain Tiles bath

Porcelain Tiles for bathrooms