Problems with Ants

There are several ways to combat the ants. If you want to keep your kitchen or terrace is a place of pilgrimage of ants, do not leave food around (sweetened) that can attract them. Place sugar as bait at a point where the comings and goings ants do not bother you. You can also consider some grandma’s remedies, such as cinnamon or lemon juice moldy, which collocate in their path. The success none guaranteed, but even if you do not get results, these attempts can not do any harm.

Eliminate ants in house

If not enough, it’s time to take more drastic measures. This is not to pour boiling water or vinegar on the invaders: they are ineffective methods. Your last resort are the products against ants.

• The bait boxes contain a toxic substance that attracts ants. Place the box on the usual path of the ants. The effect takes some time. The ants eat the substance and bring in their nest to feed her companions, especially the larvae and the queen. therefore serve primarily to destroy the nest. They are very practical for the interior of the house.

• Dust insecticide is also to be paid at the points visited by ants. At times, it must mix with the water, so as to obtain a liquid, which you have to vaporize or spread with a watering can. Even in this case, the effect is not immediate.

• With spray or vaporizer, the effect is to kill the ants on the spot. They are particularly suited to “clean up” of small surfaces inside or outside the home, or to obstruct the path of the ants.

• The last solution is the use of liquid insecticide on a large scale: It is concentrated solutions that are diluted ili water before being sprayed or distributed for irrigation, both inside and outside of the anthill.

If the ant colony to be deleted is very large or if several apartments in the same building are invaded by ants, bait boxes ^ liquids and insecticide sprays will not be enough. Some types of ants, such as the Pharaoh ant, build nests with several queens and a number of ramifications. To stop the invasion, it will be necessary to resort to a specialized company.