Pros and cons of underfloor

There is a limit point to withstand the cold feet, right? Carrying more than one pair of socks at home during the winter may not be sufficient and safe looking for a permanent solution. Have you thought of installing floor heating in your home? Well, if you think this is your best option, before you propose to know the pros and cons of the underfloor .
The central heating system is ancient history because in the Roman towns of the Empire used the hypocaust , an underfloor heating as very effective. Today, there are several underfloor systems , mainly by circulating water or electric underfloor. It’s obviously a great way to heat, but also have some problems. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of underfloor .

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Benefits of underfloor
The most obvious advantage is radiant slab that provides thermal comfort. Clearly, with this heating system you will enjoy a pleasant temperature to very cold floors during the cold seasons.
The underfloor heating is effective for floors of different materials . Therefore it is a way of tuning the house that does not restrict the use of decorative flooring, and lets you choose ceramic or linoleum flooring , among other materials.
If you have a small house, the floor heating is a form of save space , since it will not need air conditioning in the walls or radiators, stoves or heaters hinder the passage: the thermal solution is not in sight and not take up room.
While it may be considered a single, comprehensive solution for heating the whole house, you can also install it in certain areas, especially in areas of the house that could be necessary, as in the bathroom floor .
In case you decide to build a house, use of heated floors means that the costs are lower, since it requires a sheet of thin concrete.
There are health benefits: it is better for people with allergies, as it involves no airflow by air and increases humidity levels , which can cause respiratory problems in people with allergies or asthma.

Disadvantages of underfloor
The disadvantage is that the simplest underfloor heating takes longer in the environment than other heating systems.
While evenly warms the entire floor, the floor heating may not be enough to temper large environments , on all those with lots of windows, so you should seek alternative or complementary forms of heating.
The cost of underfloor is high, in case you want to install in an existing house. Arguably, from an economic point of view, is not recommended as it involves removing the existing floor, with plenty of time to work and wait. If you decide to use underfloor water, time is more labor and more expensive because it requires highly specialized personnel for installation.
The high costs of electricity make the underfloor is not a very effective heating solution, at least in certain cases and types of construction, if you care to save energy .

Underfloor Heating

Less versatile than air conditioning, thermal conditioning other solutions let you go from hot to cold using a single system.
Well, I hope this discussion of the pros and cons of underfloor provide the information necessary to make the best decision. Just let me remind you that there are some tips to improve the thermal conditioning of the house and stop suffering too hot in summer and freeze in winter.