Recycled Bedroom Furniture

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with some pictures of a room made ​​of recycled furniture. If you realize, every picture you can see where they have taken the different elements of the bedroom furniture.

old world bedroom designs

From the head of the bed, until the seats are made ​​with objects not previously designed especially for a bedroom.On many occasions I speak of recycling as an exceptional method to decorate and give life to all of our stays.

Each time I find myself more than anything that can be recycled, giving them a new life and a new function to furniture, objects and items of all kinds.
For the lamp to have caught two structures, one old and one lamp that was once a hanging planter. As a result a lamp painted in the most beautiful gold and giving the space a touch vintage sought.

A green door, with carved, it has been painted and carved parts have been covered with fabric .. in this way the door now serves as a great headboard, perfect for bed. As something special and decorative, like a poster or painting it were, have put several green woods to which they have drawn some letters. Then have posted this in a corner of the wall.

Lamps located in each night mestia are the friendliest. They have been repainted with a nice yellow and the tulips have been the area where the couple is male and one female .. Striking a somewhat placing order! As you can see the entire room has been made with furniture parts that are no longer able to teach.



old world interior design furniture



Wood Recycling decoration