Recycled furniture to decorate terrace

The design of a terrace is definitely extremely important to achieve maximum enjoyment of the months of good weather, with the sun’s rays warm spring or summer sun.If you think you have a terrace, a garden, patio or any outdoor space well presented, fashionable and full of details, it is expensive, it is good to know that money is not always the trendsetter in your spaces and now even more so as the vintage, recycling and ecology are fashionable.


You can create really lovely furniture and give life to spaces with a strong personal style with just include some details like those we see in the images. A side table or center is not nothing but a drawer for storing fruits, some flowers, whose pots can be coated with wicker baskets or antique bottles vases with particular forms.

What you should not ignore is the inclusion of details such as cushions in bright colors but not recharged, scented candles and anything that you feel is necessary to achieve a pleasant space both day and night.

Why can not retrieve a pallet to put an original touch in decorating your beach house or town? It’s easy. All you need is a pallet (it measures 60 x 60 cm), strings that will serve to decorate the envelope of this unique side table, acrylic paints and some wooden blocks to the legs.

The first thing to do is clean the pallet with water and neutral soap, rubbing it with a cloth. Avoid using sponges and pads, as they may excessively wet the wood and damaging it. Spend medium grit sandpaper, apply the sealer and once dry, pass a fine grit sandpaper. Spread the paint in the direction of the grain and let it dry. Possibly you have to give two layers of paint.The joint between the boards of the pallet has been resolved with hemp ropes, which pass through the envelope, and topped by a decorative knots. In this case, the table legs of a wooden blocks set in the same color and finish as the pallet, but if you prefer you can replace wheels.

And if you want to enhance the beach style of this table, go run small centerpieces or decorative compositions with little treasures that nature offers us: very sensibilities crafts. Only miss you decide which room to place your new acquisition.



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