Remove rottenness of furniture

Some more, some less have ever had a piece of furniture with woodworm. Ancient wooden furniture, especially those who bought at flea markets or unpackings (or those who have been long in basements and storage rooms), can lead the attack of this tiny and destructive beetle, and if not we tackle the time we run the risk of spreading to other wooden elements of the house.


Eradicate woodworm is not complicated, especially if we do it in spring. It is the breeding of insects and is also the best time to remove their nefarious presence of furniture, and prevent them end up as a colander.

Sawdust, indicative of woodworm
First, to see if a furniture woodworm is active or has already gone there to look at the holes. If color is clear is that the larvae (those which eat wood, and are born insects lay eggs on furniture after mating) are in the process of growth, feeding on cellulose and creating channels and holes . It is also common to see sawdust falling furniture, and in cases of strong attack, at night you can hear the sound made ​​by the larvae gnaw wood.

Injecting and sealing
Dezinsection process is as follows. First, you have to place the furniture in a dry and sunny, the darkness and humidity favor the presence of woodworm. Matacarcomas inject a liquid with syringe in all holes, wiping away the drops with a cloth. The non-visible parts (rear or drawers) can “paint” also brush and the same liquid.

After the furniture must be packed in sturdy plastic, closing well with tape. Before closing of all introduce cotton soaked in the same liquid to loosen the vapors. After a month, we unwrap the furniture and wait a few days to verify the result. Typically, woodworm is gone!