Renew home curtains

We continue several consejor to help us when renewing the curtains of our home. Very useful to succeed in this task. To find out how much fabric will be required to know the size of the window, clothing and fabric width. To find the width of fabric you will need, measure the width of the window and multiply by 2.50. Then divide by the width of the fabric and thus know how many sheets of cloth are needed.


The length of the cloth be known by measuring the height of the window and adding 50 centimeters to make the bass and curtain . The fabric and color graded passage of light. For dark room, you can opt for light fabrics and sheer linens com curtains or open weave. To refine the light, I suggest double curtains, shutters tightly woven fabrics or screens that filter the sun and let you see the outside.

Cleaning curtains:
It can suck every week and take them to the cleaners when it comes to cleaning: dry cleaning will extend the life of the curtains. If you choose to wash at home, we must look at the specifications of the fabric and into the washer without imprison. In the first wash can shrink.

Curtains in small rooms:
In small rooms, the windows can be dressed simply, with blinds or curtains and clear or semi-transparent fabrics. Moreover, it is better if they are smooth and the same color as the wall of the room.

Hang the curtains:
The basic systems are the bars and hang rails. The bars are easy to install and decorative top. The rails allow more manage the kitchen, are placed on the roof and used to cover drums blinds or when there is no space for a bar. Another option is the steel turnbuckles.



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