Renew the Front of the House

Many are the times we tried to renew the facade of our house, but not finished deciding in color and detail that we put into practice, so here you have some suggestions to consider. Takes note.


Restoration and rehabilitation of facades
To renovate the exterior of our house, the first thing to keep in mind to choose the right color, are the different elements that we have and that may be present on the front, such as brick, wood or stone. From there we must consider whether the home is a lot of sun, is located in partial shade or full shade and absorbs light through the leaves of the trees.
If the house is in partial shade or full shade, the colors gray and brownish hues as well as clear dry greens are ideal.
Anyway if you are looking for truly important changes color or light brown walnut are best carried today and give it a touch of class to the home .
In those houses where you have to make repairs when chipping or cracks can choose to apply some kind of coating textured plastic that allows you to give it a very original ending similar to stucco, and can be done in different shades.
The front door is one of the things that attract the attention of the facade, not only because it is central but also because it is the place most people head. Changing the door is a very good option but it is the available to anyone, so it’s best to make some changes: paint it with a basic color (white, black, wood, etc..) or a striking tone, change the doorknob, the number that identified your property etc..
Although you probably love to change the windows this is something that not every budget can afford, so our advice is to give them a good cleaning and you paint the frames in the same color as the front door to blend (always as it is not too flashy).
If you were outside lighting and you are well fine, but if you think you could improve the aesthetics or the safety of your home integrates these points of light that you consider necessary for space with lanterns, lamps, halogen lights or spot lights. Also, you can create an illuminated path through the garden.
Remember to always keep in mind, all the indications provided in the products you have purchased to use, carefully read the instructions, and do not forget to use the necessary protections such as gloves, masks and head dust cover.



image of facade