Repair blinds, change belt

The blinds are placed mechanical curtains on the windows to protect from light and weather. With use, deteriorate and lose effectiveness and sometimes, it can break the drive belt. For repair of blinds, we will replace defective belt. A shutter is a mechanical device that is placed inside a window or outside to protect from light and weather. The shutters may be of various materials, wood , aluminum, PVC. They can also be found in various models. It offers a dual opening and closing movement, the most common is wound on a drum top. The shutter consists of a series of horizontal slats which give mobility to be joined or separated for better seal.

Repair blinds

The shutter is moved by a belt or band is wound onto a drum and passes over lower dustpan. This system suffers deterioration with use, losing effectiveness, and sometimes causes breakage of the belt, thus requiring replacement thereof.

For repair of blinds, we have the tools necessary, and a new belt the same as we are going to change.

Before starting to work, we must close the shutter, to avoid falling during operation. It is convenient to observe how the shutter is armed, before disassembling, if necessary, we will make a chart and take note, to spare hassles later.

Repair of blinds:
The first thing to do to repair blinds is to open the drawer of the curtain, for it removed the taparrollo. Inside is the shaft holding the curtain, will let go the strips that secure the shutter, which generally is subject to three nails.

Cover is removed picker frame, located on the wall, secured with screws, then removed the catcher and release the belt from the spool until the end. It has a screw holding the strap, look the pick before removing the screw, otherwise it will spin at high speed. We removed the belt and release the collector until the spring reaches the end, being careful not hit us.

Then let go of the strap from the top, where it is wound, and remove the stopper knot ago. We put the new belt on the old site, we introduce the strap on the disc and make a knot equal to that had the old tape. Must not protrude belt knot.

We wind the drive belt and put back the blind strapping. We verify that the belt moves to the blind.

Now will place the strap on the catcher, passing so that it is right, so we must install the spool in position, so that the tape between the same way out.

A 1cm from the end of the leash, make a hole to pass the screw. We wind the clockwise inserters, careful not to unwind, to get to the top, we fix with screw. Place the spool in the hole and screwed.

Before replacing the taparrollos, we verify the correct operation of the blind.