Romantic Decoration for Valentine

Every year on February 14 proposes print a breath of fresh air to the home, thanks to Valentine’s Day, as the decoration can be adapted with romantic ideas and delicate touches. We show some crafts and arrangements for every room in the house.  Dare to create some cubes that form the word “Love” or another that you like. To do this you will find many tutorials on the net and multiple ideas, they can be made from wooden racks in MDF plates, and cover them with decorative paper, fabric or painted.  With them you can decorate the room of the house you prefer, and not just on February 14 because this arrangement can last as long as you like.


Candles are always a good resource that allows you to print a wink to warm environments . Adapts candle to the romantic atmosphere you want to create in an interior, surrounding it with hearts, or some detail such as a small garland of pearls in colors pink or red.  Flowers in warm colors accompanied by simple vases acquire special touch of charm, to decorate them with fabric. This gives them more personality to the arrangements and adapts to Valentine decoration.
A colorful composition and especially on your table can achieve with the placemats a heart shaped. combining colors and textures, accompanied with dishes and utensils in coordinated shades, glass or not to overwhelm the atmosphere.
Create a sweet and romantic corner in a room can be easier than you think.

Grouping several elements that evoke the delicate and special air is the key to providing an environment with warmth, for it brings sweets and treats in white, pink and rose, to harmonize with the rest of the accessories that complete this space. Heart shaped cookies, chocolates and sweets are best placed in glasses and glass containers so they can fully appreciate. Some small vases with fresh flowers and garlands of paper hearts will be sufficient to complete this unique environment at home.

Decorate with fabric boxes, buttons, rope, tape, for alerting the staff brushwork, use them as a container for chocolates or sweets. It is a proposal that lets you share a rich detail, and also allows reuse these decorative boxes and sewing, for storing accessories, etc..
A new cover for a cushion preferred is another idea to surprise and put up the decor of your home in this February 14. With a word or a phrase evocative, adding colors and the inevitable hearts get a accessory super romantic. A wreath with paper hearts is another fun accessory we can do with our hands and with it the mood that day. We need papers with designs or plain colors, paste superimposed on a cardboard into a cylinder, and add ribbons or a piece of string to hang on stairs, furniture, or doors.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to add one or more areas of the home such delicate touches that you love. With candles, hearts patterned fabrics, crafts made with special dedication, flowers and words of affection get that perfect environment.