Sailor Decoration

The sailor style will give the house a great breath of fresh air with its colorful, its smells and atmosphere characteristic of the sea and ocean. Discovering how to get an optimal marine environment. Indigo colors are ideal for this environment and that through its multiple shades can create different moods and styles in different parts of the house. This color also promotes relaxation, evokes the magic of travel, gives freshness to the environment, etc..
To create a successful maritime décor certainly must opt for the traditional colors, which are blue and white.

nautical-inspired sailor decor

You can use and combine these colors throughout the house, without much material: tiles, wallpaper, paint, etc..
Another advantage of white and blue colors is that both reflect much light they receive, so that in addition to give an impression of light will give more freshness to the home. These two colors blend perfectly with the lighter range of gray, with red and golden tones. Use them in decorative accessories. For the material of the furniture is nothing better than natural wood and wicker. Must flee the possible straight lines furniture. The sea conjures curves, undulations, softness, … and all that we seek in our furniture.

The wood is also ideal for the flooring, but we suggest that if you want to achieve a much more successful.
You can use shells placed inside glass vases, miniature boats, small wicker baskets, wooden seagulls, barometers, lamps small marine sailor knots or cords, etc..Like marine style decoration? Would you like to take the air from sea to the decor of your home? The rooms must be transformed according to the tastes of their inhabitants. Dolphins, sharks, fish, starfish, shells, shellfish, snails, these are all denizens of the deep and thanks to these decorating tips will accompany you or you become one of them.

It is marine style decor or beach style, to sink into the depths, to transform the space into just that, a deep environment. Let these decorating tips to make your home look invaded by the influence of the sea.

How to decorate the house marine style
The marine style has elements that are invariant and one of them is the color change. To decorate your home in this style, you should paint your room in blue tones. An exclusive recommendation is that you do in degradation from the ceiling to the floor so that it appears with increasing depth in space. Use blue tones inspired by the sea.

The walls and ceiling can include him drawings of animals and fish or plants so as to better recreate the seabed. It will illustrate how your own taste so set in tune with what you want to really get.For furniture for decoration in marine style, the furniture can be in two ways. For one, you can choose white furniture to match perfectly with the color blue.On the other, you can opt for natural wood furniture and aged, rustic style with natural, unpainted finishes to lift you to the boats and marine transport such. A middle way is to opt for pickled furniture.

Sailor style Ornaments
For the decoration of the house marine style, there are a myriad of ornaments that refer to the sea and you mount up to those spaces. There are accessories such as sea snails, sea stars, miniature boats or marine boxes are essential to decorate the house. You can even decorate with strings. Simply hang them on the walls making waves along the edge of the bed or other wooden surface you have created. Similarly is the lamp. Play a lot with transparencies and translucent materials.

Another tip is to try to get to the detail of things, as with pads, always apply with marine prints. If you have curtains it also uses motifs and graphs of this type.

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Sailor Decoration

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