Save energy at home, tips for lowering energy consumption

Do you know all the tricks to save electricity in your home? There are many areas in your house that use energy that can be detected and reduced which will save you money on your monthly  energy bill payments.




Before starting please do the following: turn off and unplug all appliances that you have in the house. Check the electricity meter located outside your house. If the the meter is okay the measuring wheel will remain stationary. If this is the case you can start applying these tips and tricks:
Save energy in the kitchen
The refrigerator is constantly connected and running 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. It is likely to become the largest energy consumer in your house. There are a couple of ways to minimize the electricity consumption. First, regulate the thermostat to an appropriate position for your climate. Other easy ways to minimize electricity is to not put hot food in the refrigerator. You should also make sure the door closes completely to maintain a stable internal climate. Don’t keep the door open for too long either!

Energy Saving Solutions

Saving energy in the room
Change your light bulbs and table lamps for energy saving bulbs.
As we have seen in Build Home in interior design, if you have a room painted a very dark shade you are more likely to use more light and energy to illuminate the room. One simple fix is to paint the room a lighter color to reduce the need for light.
Ceiling lights are usually used to illuminate a whole room, so it is better to opt for the use of floor lamps or table lamp that focus on specific areas of the room where you need the light.
In your living room you can reduce energy by only plugging in your TV or stereo when you need to use them. Avoid leaving them on standby.
If you are using air conditioning, thermostat setting is the first step to saving electricity. Place it between 16 º C in winter and 26 º C in the summer.  Check for drafts and leaks in your windows and doors to cut back on the amount of air that is passing through the holes. These drafts can cause your air or heat to work extra hard to compensate for the temperature change.
Place plants near the windows of the living room to stop the passage of the winds in winter.
Imperial Building & Roofing Co Inc recommends having your attic inspected and properly insulated to ensure you are not losing unnecessary energy because of poor ventilation or cracks.

Energy saving in laundry and ironing
We all know that an iron is a major consumer of energy which is why we try to use as little as possible. You can save energy if instead of ironing daily you try to do it once a week.
When washing clothes, try to wash as many as one time. Like ironing, washing one per week as opposed to several days throughout the week can make a big difference.

Remember that reducing energy consumption in your home will help reduce monthly payments up to 50% – making it a great year for your savings! You’ll also be helping the environment, so get to work and start implementing all this great advice!