Security Doors

The security door is one of the leading anti-burglary systems: it is used in private homes, but also at the entrances of public offices and in all places, open to the community and to society in general, which are contained within the data and other confidential materials . The security door is an indispensable tool for all those who feel the need to protect their homes and / or their place of work against risks from access by unauthorized persons or criminals. The door, in fact, is able to offer to those who use a “passive defense” by the inputs and undesirable because of its specific functions and features, the security door is also called armored door or door anti-theft.


The terms armored door and security door are, in fact, synonyms though, from the point of view, they represent two different products: the battleship is made completely from scratch, for security door, however, means the adjustment of the door existing needs and characteristics of the armored door (the door exists, ie, is adapted and integrated within the structure compatible metal).

That distinction is of fundamental importance because, precisely for its constructive and structural differences, the security door can, in some cases, appear less secure than armored. To address this problem, however, today many companies have intervened in the production of models even safer.

In trade there are many models of armored doors which differ not only according to their structural characteristics and construction, but also according to the respective class of security (safety classes, in particular, will be explored in the following paragraphs).

These factors, in addition to the brand, determine the cost of the security door, which tends to increase as you choose higher tier models and increasingly sophisticated.

The door, then, is already an excellent means of defense against burglars. And buy a, in particular, it can have the certainty of a solid product and safe, able to provide adequate protection to the family nucleus and / or all that is located inside the dwelling and office.

To carry out its function of protection against break-ins, each security door must be equipped with some specific characteristics. It will, in particular, must be sturdy and solid, to resist attempts to killing, and must be equipped with special locks against burglary. These are the characteristics that all the doors have.

To them, then, you can add special features, which differ depending on the model and brand.Despite, however, are equipped with all the requirements to block access to unwanted local people and criminals, the doors are never able to ensure their total infallibility. However, they are designed so as to oppose in any case adequate protection from burglary attempts and those of abatement.

To test their safety over time, often the manufacturers carry out periodic checks, aimed at testing the resistance of the door. The tests to which they are subject, in particular, are three: attempted break-in manual (the technicians try to manually break open the lock on the security door for a time ranging from 2 to 25 minutes); reduction under static load (the door Armoured is subjected to a static load ranging from 250 to 2000 kg approximately through the weights installed on its structure); abatement under dynamic loading (the technicians physically affect the security door with a series of strokes simulating the break-in attempt by a thief).All armored doors, even those installed for a long time, generally tend to pass the tests which they are subjected. Despite, therefore, they are not infallible to 100% are always able to guarantee optimum protection, both as regards the attempts of killing, both for the intrusion by forcing the lock.

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Among the additional features that may have, in particular, there are:

the pawl drill;
the fire-retardant treatment;
the opening by remote control;
the lock with electronic key and display;
the lock with protected duplication of keys and / or fingerprint recognition.

Classes and certifications
To ensure and provide for better protection of the home or other places where the security door is installed, you can, in choosing the most suitable door according to security classes to which they belong.

Each model of door, in fact, must be within a specific classification that consists of 6 classes in all, named with consecutive numbers.

Class 1 : This type of doors are present both in private homes and in commercial products containing low-value, they are designed to resist tampering of the lock and attempts to physical exhaustion.
Class 2 : as well as in homes, are also found in the workplace, such as industrial buildings or offices, they are built to resist attempts to pick the lock using simple tools (screwdrivers, pliers).
Class 3 : are appropriate for both the workplace and for the houses at risk of theft, they are built to resist attempts to tamper with the lock also using crowbar.
Within classes of membership from 4 to 6 are, then, security doors to protect specific workplaces and commercial buildings containing products or equipment at high risk of theft.

Class 4 : fit in the case of banks, jewelers, hospitals, laboratories and industrial plants of different types and villas, they are built to withstand the burglars experts who use more sophisticated tools (axes, cordless drills, saws, hammers, chisels).
Class 5 : offer adequate protection, as well as the places earlier, even for embassies and military areas, are able to resist burglars experts who use electronic equipment.
Class 6 : ideal to protect, in addition to the above, also nuclear installations and are able to withstand even the attempt of intrusion by burglars particularly experienced and equipped with technologically advanced electric instruments.


Certifications in Europe and hallmarks
In addition to the previous safety classes, are different elements that allow us to evaluate and purchase a security door suits our security needs. In the first place, in fact, there is a European reference standard to which all producers and sellers of doors are required to adhere.

Another important rule to keep in mind is UNI EN 1303-05, which concerns the security classification of the cylinders of the security door; European standard EN 12209, however, exposes the correct requirements for the realization of mechanical locks.

All of the above regulations are mandatory, while it is voluntary, but index increased reliability, the brand SCCQ (Safety and Quality Tested and Certified). This mark, in particular, indicates that the security door is made in Italy, which is a class 3 or higher, which was not made with harmful or toxic materials and has a minimum of 32 dB hearing protection. The brand SCCQ also is a further guarantee for the customer because it shows that the production in the factory is periodically subjected to checks by external bodies, in order to check that the realization of security doors shall be performed according to the criteria set by law.

Structure and Materials
Each security door must be built according to specific laws. All the information relating to the realization of the security door purchased, in particular, are generally exposed in the product sheet that accompanies it, which contains specific news about:


Installation and maintenance
Especially in private homes, armored doors in most cases are installed some time after the realization of the house itself. This situation brings several drawbacks, first of all, the presence of masonry walls are not sturdy enough and durable.

When instead there is the opportunity and the need to install a security door at the time of realization of the building itself, it can contribute to increasing security by design walls with a greater thickness, which can become a single block and almost completely impregnable, along with the security door.In order to better carry out its function, the security door must be installed by skilled technicians are able to create strong and sturdy structures, they can withstand bumps and several attempts at tampering.

The wall mount of the security door is a very important aspect in the installation of security doors. Wall and door, in particular, must be a whole, in order to counter attempts breakthrough.For this purpose, therefore, the technical insert in correspondence of the frame, via the quick-setting cement, the clamps steel entering the wall for at least 15 cm. It is important, however, that the wall is adequately resistant and made of a material that is solid and robust.


If not, it is the technical ensure reinforce internally applying on the three sides of the wall in contact with the door, a welded steel mesh which extends for about one meter on the walls.To the network, then, is connected to the subframe of the security door and all subsequent structure. The insertion of the mesh, however, provides for the removal and the subsequent realization of the plaster and the painting on the walls concerned.

The inclusion of welded steel mesh, however, is only one of the techniques used to reinforce the walls in doors and windows. The technician who will ensure the assembly of the door, ready to give you all the information.