Shaping the Fensterdeko aesthetic and functional

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Guidelines For Your Fensterdeko

In some rooms the window decoration is a tricky business. This probably comes from the equivalence of aesthetics and functionality. Times we tend to one, sometimes to another aspect of the matter. But the balance between our desires that the Fensterdeko enrolls perfectly into the interior design and yet ensures enough privacy, sometimes we succeed just difficult.

Below are some guidelines that you should bring to make out of the windows, the stars of your surroundings.

First, determine the budget

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When Fensterdeko as with all other matters which are connected with the interior design, it comes, among others, also about money. Determine a realistic budget before you begin to look at the various possibilities. Think necessarily at the technical part. The window curtains are not all you need. You have to hang on just a little also.Is it at home for someone who can do this for you, or you have to pay for it even more?

The big decision: Do you want to hide or invite the outer atmosphere to your home?

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Fensterdeko must be subordinated even the concept of room design. If the windows look to the street, then you very likely want to protect your privacy. However, if you decorate the window onto the courtyard with greenery, this is an entirely different cause. In the first case you would like to probably distracted by decorative elements and patterns of the gray sight outdoors. In the second the Fensterdeko would be more discreet and reserved. So the green comes from outside in the interior to better advantage.

Ratio from the room and windows

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On a subconscious level, the proportions play a major role for our comfort in the room. Too large or too small window, however, often the case. Sometimes only their width and sometimes is – its height is not optimal. Why that happens, we will discuss in more detail in other articles. Now we are concerned primarily about how such a thing would be corrected. The Fensterdeko can contribute greatly. In minimalist FormDesigner emphasize thereby the size of the window. If it is too large, the light apertures can act just smaller. If the ceilings are too low, the curtains can correct this visually, by attachment to the ceiling. If they are too high, then logically the opposite.

Blinds, if it must be practical

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If the windows are visually ideal for your environment? Then it comes down to on a practical solution that the privacy and the excessive influx of light is … We believe that in this case the most practical blinds. They are also so great because they can be much lighter than the curtains cleaned normally.


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Fensterdeko would be able to make a space capable of change. Mal Mal has the flair of a work environment, sometimes of a romantic oasis. You can do this very well when you combine blinds with curtains. For a more glorious and luxuriant appearance Different colors would be combined. If you want it to be minimalist, then you should show rather the same nuances, the two elements.

Fensterdeko that disappears into the wall

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We conclude with the kind of window decoration, which ensures a monochrome look.To this end, the color must be even the same as those of the wall very close or best.So your curtains, blinds or other decorative elements disappear in the wall and you achieve an absolutely uniform picture.

A simple window decoration with white wooden blinds

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