Shelf chained to the ceiling

See that original and fun idea. It seems a shelf on the wall, right? Actually is subject, like any ota shelf, by brackets to the wall. But we have added a colorful chains hanging from the ceiling, and produce the effect that is the shelf that hangs from above. I think a very original idea, I think I could be perfectly in an entry or small hall. It would also be great in a corner of the room, or … what do you think as a makeup corner in your room? Even as a nightstand next to a bed could be fabulous.

Ceiling Book Shelf

If we need a very original shelf and they do not have space in the room this is a great idea! because it is a hanging shelf, do not need any floor space because it will be hung from the ceiling, so we can place it on a table or bed without taking up more space in the room, even putting several can continuously make a separation in space, creating original and special decor.

There are times when we must install shelves (shelves) in the wall, but we are faced with difficulties such as tiles, mortars too hard or too unstable under the plaster pass cables or pipes, this requires us to find alternative solutions to install.

One way to install shelves is performed by hanging. We’ll hang our wall shelf with two bolts or directly from the ceiling. This structure is extremely light and seems to float in space, making a very attractive effect.

The preparation is very simple but this time we need more than just recycled pallets, we will need also some chains to hang the shelf as you see in the picture. We can put all the shelves we want but remember to fix them well then they can not shed the weight chains, especially well should be anchored to the ceiling with mechanical blocks and if you can also with some adhesive resin, think that if You place many shelves and the books you fill the system can weigh a lot!

If you want to know how to disassemble the pallets to make the shelves you can consult the following page: How to remove wooden pallets?

The truth is that the result is very colorful and original. In this case the chain is gold, to match the rest of the room, but of course could be any other color. What do you think of the idea? Did you as surprised as me?


• tables plywood or solid wood (according to the number of shelves that we will install)
• rope, steel cable or thick metal chains
• metal washers
• hooks
• Drill

This work allows us to install a shelf (shelf) one or more aligned to form a bookcase shelves.If we install multiple shelf, we use a very light wood, since the weight of the structure may be too much for the hooks or to the surface on which to hang (wall or ceiling).Make perforations in the tables, two at each end, which serve as support each shelf. To give a smooth finish to the holes, the PVC pipe of the same diameter than the bore. Recursions this electrician metal washers.

Cut two long pieces of rope, cable or chain, which will insert into the holes, which we covered with washers. Knotted end of the cord through the bottom of the rack or put a washer to act as a support, so that the cable is not unhook. If we hang more shelves, should pass all the power carried by a knot or by interposing a washer to maintain each shelf in position. hooks with the aid of the drill and they hang from the shelf.

paint or shelves, according to the material they are made. The plywood is painted and varnished hardwood will.



Recycled Ceiling Tin Shelf



Overhead Storage Shelf


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