Simple and romantic details for Valentine

The charm of simplicity
Instead of a large bouquet of roses, place a single large flower (like magnolia orchid) in an elegant glass vase. A striking flower needs no other accessories to shine, and prints fragrance and romance to a lunch or romantic dinner.


Sweetness with art
The sweets are the stars of Valentine. Instead of spending a fortune on boxes of chocolates with heart shapes, decorate a vase or glass bushing fitted with colorful candies. A ribbon around the container enough to compose an instant ornament and sweet, the whole family will enjoy.

Sweetness with message
Another alternative to heart chocolates: individual desserts messages. Express your feelings for the person you love through these fun posters that you can make at home with some cardboard and a toothpick.

Environment dim
The candlelight is the great ally of romantic and suggestive climates. On the main table, side tables and cabinets placed scented candles of the same color in different sizes and shapes. To escape the traditional, red leaves and pink aside and opt for white, ivory or violet. The large three-wick candles are an ultra-chic option to celebrate this day.

Around the garden
Decorate the outside also (and is useful to prepare a romantic picnic) placing flowers wild and a floating candle in aluminum bucket with water. Simplicity in its purest form to give a different look to the garden during this special day.

Power of seduction
The lace is the quintessential seductive fabric. Do not hesitate to add this fabric to various accessories, from tablecloths and napkins to towels and bedspreads. Elegance, romance and a touch of nostalgia will be secured for the occasion.




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