Simple tricks for clothes

In this new article Total Home give some simple tricks for clothes . These are some easy tips and tricks that will help make caring for your garments . Without much effort, you’ll keep your clothes in top condition by accelerating the work to accommodate or save time.


The wrinkled clothes without ironing is solved
If you’re in a rush and just realized that the shirt you were going to put is wrinkled and not have time to remove the plate , expect hot and iron your clothes, this solution is going to come as “glove” .

What you have to do is stretch the wet shirt and wrinkled areas, he uses a spray bottle with water. Then, hang the garment and let dry. This can be done the day before or fifteen minutes before leaving for the clothing is completely dry when you wear it.


As it dries the garment wrinkles disappear. What seemed so hard to have a practical and easy.

Replace the cord
It’s horrible when you have a pair of diver or a hooded sweater and the cord falls off. Not if you have happened but it is very complicated to put it back, but with this new trick for clothes is no longer so.

All you need is a straw (aka, straw, straw, straw or straw) and a stapler. Pass the cord through the straw and engrĂ¡palo. Then, enter the straw into the hole (the hood and pants diver) until you exit the other side. Then remove the straw and ready.

It’ll take a few minutes and is a much more practical to use a pen, and avoid the stains on your clothes .

Restores life to your shoes
This advice is especially useful for men, because if you type out there Converse shoes with white soles or other widely used and so dirty that you think have no solution, you can give life by cleaning with baking soda.

Use an old toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and laundry detergent to clean the shoes begins. When finished, rinse and let dry overnight. Place newspaper inside them so you do not lose the way.

tricks for clothes