Sliding doors to save space in modern homes

When decorating your home consider some factors used to save space as in this case the sliding doors. Very simple because the blade is centered on two wheeled carts that slide on a rail. There are several types of sliding doors: Some models designed for modular space using removable partition: very convenient to hide a kitchen, an office area, etc..

modern sliding door with glass material

With the sliding door slides is applied along the wall and permanede visible in the open position. The system is fixed to the wall or ceiling. Rail mounting sliding door is visible or behind a wooden or metal setting.
Making space is essential in most homes today, as few are lucky enough to have hundreds of meters of floor at our disposal. So we must consider all those possibilities that allow us to gain even a few inches either by convenience, aesthetics or necessity.

One of the elements that we do not think very often and can be instrumental in saving space are the doors. For example, traditional hinged doors, those of one or two leaves that open inward or outward, have the great disadvantage of requiring the entire free space of its path, and they need a good space around .

Therefore, the types of doors used to gain space is sliding and folding. Sliding doors slide on guides that are put on top leaving us step through its gliding parallel to the wall. This type of door can be installed between two walls (usually drywall) or sight, most common choice. Also, visually give a modern and elegant rooms.

As for the folding doors are very similar to the slide in the sense that they have an upper guide and in which they occupy even less: the door includes a closure side as if it were an accordion. So, despite not being the most beautiful aesthetically speaking, are very practical and highly recommended for places where space is very limited.

Although it is generally used to separate different environments within the home, the practices that are the sliding doors has made increasingly incorporated into other spaces and furniture such as file cabinets or walls to dressing.





Modern sliding door design with naturea textured




Toronto style Patio Sliding Door